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Malindi nest group is a CBO registered by Ministry of social services in 2016.

it deals with empowerment of registered self-help groups through facilitation of training, conducting guidance and counselling sessions and marketing of products and projects of women, youth and people living with physical challenges PWD.

Malindi nest group was founded by Madam Rev. Catherine Dzame safari, After discovering that many self-help groups in kilifi have challenges in progressing and staying active. In Kilifi county, coastal part of Kenya many registered self-help groups are formed but after short period they collapse,Malindi nest group set to find out why this happens, Malindi nest group found out that 7 seven issues cause the problem, these are common to almost all groups. They are:

1. Poverty

2. Lack of market for their goods and services.

3. Lack of project/product knowledge

4. Lack of by-laws to Govern themselves.

5. Lack of expertise in the officials

6. Illiteracy.

7. Wrong choice of projects and activity.


Malindi nest offers solutions to all these problems.

We offer to train our members skills, look for market for goods and services and do guidance and counselling.

You can join us make a difference by helping groups active:

  1. Donate to help Malindi nest group facilitate training.
  2. Volunteer to train for free.
  3. Buy their goods and services
  4. Assist talented youths to further their skills.


We conduct and facilitate training to empower member groups so they can be able to participate fully in projects as well as activities.

Market their goods and services

Going after poverty’s symptoms is temporary. Going after its causes is permanent for everyone. Most self-help groups inn kilifi county have no access to market for their goods and services. That is why malindi nest group resolved to look for market for them.

Conduct Guide and counseling sessions

In an effort to ensure volunteering at Foundation events is fulfilling experience for you.


Let us Join Hands and Ensure No self-help group in Kilifi county can Fail to achieve its Dream. We empower women, youth and PWD group by ensuring they have market for their goods and services, To ensure they can keep account records, they can record minutes and manage meetings, they can manage members and more related issues they have challenge on.

Guidance and counselling

Guidance and counselling

Some registered self-help groups members disagree with each other causing the group to disintegrate and be dissolved before realizing their initial dream. Malindi nest group comes in and reconcile the members, reunite them to go back to being together and continue with community development activities.

  • Making an impact


Many registered self-help groups members need training to be able to execute their duties and get to know how to manage groups.

  • Help us to empower them
  • Foundational Services
Market their products and services

Market their products and services

we search in and out of the country, market for all our member groups. Enabling them to have a ready market to sale their goods and services empowers them and make them remain active.

  • Empower them.
  • Unite and Empower

Our Malindi Nest Group members

Madam Rev. Catherine Dzame Safari. Chairlady Malindi Nest Group.

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Mr. Cosmas Mole   A very experienced hospitality manager , 48 year

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Mr. James safari Mwamure. The organizing secretary Malindi nest group. He is

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